Exposure to toxic pesticides carries both acute and long-term health risks, especially to children and others with compromised immune systems such as the elderly.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 3 million total incidents of poisoning due to conventional pesticide usage each year. The problems associated with pesticide exposure range from neurological damage, asthma, allergies, cancers (including childhood cancers and breast cancer), low sperm count and reproductive disorders.

Chronic exposure to pesticides, which occurs when a person or animal is exposed to small amounts of toxic chemicals for an extended period of time include: Parkinson's Disease, birth defects, low birth weight, production of benign or malignant tumors, genetic changes, blood disorders and nerve disorders.

Pesticide exposure is a much more pervasive problem than many people realize. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a study of 9,282 people nationwide, found pesticides in 100% of those tested. The average person carried 13 of 23 pesticides being examined.

At Natran, we believe in protecting people, pets and the planet from unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals. We use gentle, safe, botanically based GREEN products that are both highly effective and eco-friendly. By choosing GREEN for your pest control needs, you are protecting your family without polluting your home!



An estimated 70 to 80 billion pounds of toxic pesticide products are sprayed on American lawns each year. The harmful effects of these chemicals extend beyond each individual homeowners' property, making pesticide pollution an issue that effects entire neighborhoods and communities at-large.

Runoff from lawns that have been treated with toxic chemicals can carry these potential poisons into local groundwater supplies. Pesticides applied directly to the ground are persistent soil contaminants that reduce biodiversity in the soil and negatively impact soil conservation. Sprayed outdoor pesticides also contribute to heightened air pollution levels, both locally and beyond.

Animal populations, including beloved pets, are at risk anytime they come into contact with toxic pesticides. Certain "non-target" species are especially vulnerable to the effects of pesticide exposure including frogs, bees, bats and birds.



Toxic pesticides are an eco-nuisance that travel by air, soil and water. Beyond your local community, their effects are considerable and far-reaching. 

Pesticides are considered by environmental scientists to be a serious threat to global biodiversity, contributing considerably to the toxic pollution of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. 

Pesticides are significant contributors to cumulative problems like air and water pollution because they are carried via wind or water systems into the natural environment. The use of pesticides in one area is rarely if ever a "contained" process, as there is no way to prevent common eco-occurrences like runoff, the movement of contaminated water downstream, from polluting areas far away from the original area of application.

As a global community, we are all connected, and our actions often affect those both near and far. Environmental researchers stress the importance of greatly limiting and radically reducing the amount of toxic pesticides that we use in our homes and businesses, as those chemicals have the potential to spread in ways we can only begin to comprehend.

At Natran, it is one of our Core Values to live a planet-friendly lifestyle -- which includes avoiding the use of toxic pesticides by every means possible. To that end, we use safe and botanically based GREEN pesticides and an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach in all our pest control practices.


Why Choose Natran Green Pest Control?

Natran Green Pest Control is rated #1 in Houston for a reason. Our team of expert exterminators is committed to ridding your house of pests and preventing a problem in the future. We’re easy to work with and our products are non-toxic and safe for your family members (even kids and pets!). After we schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you, one of our team members will visit your home to perform a free inspection and develop a custom extermination plan for your home.

No matter what type of pest you have, our team is equipped to exterminate it for good:

  • Termite Control: Our state-of-the-art baiting control system gets rid of entire termite colonies where they live, and prevents future infestations.

  • Pest Control: From cockroaches to silverfish, we treat your entire home to kill these on the spot. Then, we create an invisible 10-foot perimeter to keep them from coming back.

  • Live Animal Control: Whether you’re dealing with rats, birds, snakes, or another critter, our euthanasia-free treatment is 100% effective and comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Mosquito Control: Our proprietary “fog” formula and automated misting system removes mosquitoes, flea, and ticks in 30 minutes flat.

All of our pest control products are completely green. Keep your home and your family safe with Natran Green Pest Control.

We’ve been rated the best green pest control in Houston for 6 straight years.


It is a must to protect the environment, and your service does that while helping me protect my home. Friendly service, reliable, and environmentally conscious. Terrific!
— Justine M.