Natran Green Pest Control was founded in 2006 -- as Houston’s original green pest services provider -- with a dedicated mission of protecting people, pets and the planet.

Owner Gordon Doran created the company in response to a pressing need in his own home -- eco-conscious, effective pest management without the use of unnecessary chemicals. He still carries that personal goal of making homes healthy as the primary purpose behind the Natran brand.

Offering customized, holistic solutions to the everyday problem of household pests -- using powerful botanically based pesticides and expertly trained pest management professionals -- Natran provides home- and business-owners with year-round protection and priceless peace-of-mind.

Our overall objective is to give our customers the highest quality pest control possible while using the greenest products available. We want to educate you about smarter, healthier and responsible pest control — not just spray your house with chemicals.

Our award-winning customer satisfaction ratings are a testament to a devoted team of professionals who stand behind the Natran Promise of putting people first by treating each and every home we service like it’s our very own.



  • Smarter, healthier & responsible pest control solutions

  • Botanical-based GREEN repellents to protect your family, children, and pets

  • Custom protection plan designed just for your home

  • Flexible same- and next-day appointment scheduling

  • In business for more than 10 years and growing

  • Rated as Houston's Pest & Termite Control Best Picks for 8 consecutive years

  • Year-round service and full warranty for non-stop coverage

  • Locally owned and operated in the Greater Houston Metro Area



At Natran Green Pest Control, we always strive to treat your home or business like it’s our very own. That means we’ll give you the same care and respect we value ourselves.

We’re also committed to doing exactly as we say we’ll do. If you’re not happy with the service we provide, just give us a call and let us know.

Our satisfaction guarantee is simple: If we can’t satisfy your needs and expectations we’ll refund your money.

We believe we have a greater purpose to fulfill: Keeping often unnecessary, poisonous pesticides OUT of our community.

And that’s just what we’re doing…one customer at a time.

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At Natran, we believe in living out our company's mission by striving to operate on a day-to-day basis according to our Core Values. We believe it isn't enough to simply say we are taking a stand but rather must continuously stand for what we believe in with sincerity and dedication. The following serve as direction for interacting daily with each other, our customers and the world at-large.

  1. Go the extra two miles.

  2. Treat everyone with love and respect.

  3. Interact with transparency, integrity and discipline.

  4. Live a people-, pet- and planet-friendly lifestyle.

  5. Life is good when you love what you do.

  6. Communicate if ever uncertain.




Here at Natran Green Pest Control, we have something we call our “Core Focus” – “providing exceptional services while creating a healthy environment.”

That means that we view our job in two parts:

  1. Providing our customers with guaranteed protection WITHOUT unnecessary chemicals


  1. Using gentle, botanically based products that are actually GOOD for the earth and all its inhabitants

You may wonder if these products actually work and if they will work for YOUR home or business.

The answer to both those questions is YES, and here’s why:

At Natran, we also have something we call our “Niche.” We’re about more than just ideas – we’re about solutions.

That’s why we create CUSTOM MAINTENANCE PLANS for each property we service – whether it be a house, office building, restaurant or warehouse.

We know that each customer is unique and has unique needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable EcoSpecialists are trained to create a tailored solution just for YOU.

We have a tried-and-true PROVEN PROCESS for eliminating pests while protecting those who matter the most — people, pets & OUR PLANET.

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  • We will treat the entire interior of the house including kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, garage, attic platform and any other entry points or infested areas.

  • We will establish an invisible 10-ft insect barrier around the exterior perimeter of your home.

  • We will keep coming back until the infesting insect are completely eliminated, and your satisfaction is met.


Natran, Green Pest Control provides monthly spraying to control mosquitoes in my back and front yards. I have used this company for over a year. The spray is effective, affordable and the service is superb. Each month the company contacts me to let me know when they will be coming and then again about an hour before their arrival. I wish all home services were this reliable.
— Y.M.